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The Railroad Retirement Board and your Disability benefits.

Does the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB), under the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act (RUIA), provide adequate disability benefits for you and your family? The following frequently asked questions (FAQ) may help you decide.

"What is your largest asset?"

It is your ability to work and earn an income!

"Do you get paid if you are sick or injured and cannot work?"


"If I can't work, how much will I be paid?"

If you qualify, the RRB will pay you up to $1100 per month if you are not working due to illness or injury.  Job related benefits are not taxable.  Non-job related illness and injury benefits are taxable.

"When will the RRB start paying me?"

Once you qualify, your benefits begin seven days after you become ill or injured and cannot work.

"How long will I continue to be paid?"

If you qualify and are receiving benefits, the RRB will pay you for up to 6 months.

"If I can't return to work by the end of 6 months, what happens then? Will I still be paid?  How will I provide for my family?"

After RUIA benefits stop, you have 5 choices!   Use your savings, borrow money, deplete your retirement fund, sell your house or use your supplemental disability plan!

"What is a supplemental disability plan?"

A supplemental disability policy can provide you income in addition to benefits paid by the RRB while sick or injured.  Tax free benefits are paid for both job and non-job related illnesses and injuries.

"Does my Union offer a supplemental plan? How can I get one?"

You or your Union Representative can contact us.

Union representative, click here to complete group profile and census.

Railroad employees, click here to complete an individual request.

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Call toll free 866-253-4633!  

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